Unlike usual silver products, ARGENESI® items do not require regular polishing because they maintain their characteristic shine in time, thanks to the specific protective varnish applied during the production process.

Here are some tips for normal product maintenance, to keep the product at its best:

  • Clean the silver-plated surface with a cloth dampened with water only
  • DO NOT use silver cleaning products
  • DO NOT use chemical and/or abrasive products
  • DO NOT use them to hold oily or acidic liquids
  • DO NOT use them to hold hot food or drinks
  • DO NOT wash in the dishwasher
  • DO NOT soak the product in water

Metals like silver and gold require attention to maintain their shine over time and prevent natural oxidation, so regular cleaning with a suitable cloth is recommended. Avoid using specific silver cleaning products and/or products containing aggressive substances, to prevent alteration of the appearance of the item and/or alteration of the burnished effect/enamel on certain product details: these finishes can become dull in time and this should be considered as a normal consequence of use of the item, and not a fault. We suggest avoiding contact with makeup, creams, perfumes, saltwater or chlorine and with other products containing chemical substances.

The product can be cleaned using a soft microfiber cloth to eliminate any dust from the surface. We recommend that you DO NOT use chemical or abrasive products to avoid ruining the surface of the item, whether it is coloured or silver-plated. Please pay particular attention to the front speakers during the movement and maintenance of the object, as they are not protected: when grasping the product, avoid placing the fingers directly on the front speakers as you risk crushing and damaging them irreparably.

Particularly for leather details, we recommend that you follow the usual suggestions for looking after leather bags. Here are some tips:

  • Leather bags must never be cleaned with abrasive substances like acetone, chemical solvents, alkalis and acids. Also avoid direct contact between leather and perfumes.
  • To protect the Bag from possible damage and deformations, we advise you not to carry heavy items inside it.
  • Do not subject the Bag to mechanical stress, because scratches cannot be removed from the leather.
  • To keep the leather soft and smooth, it has to breathe. We recommend storing the Bag in a cotton bag and a cardboard box (plastic poses a risk of drying out and cracking).
  • To reduce the risk of alteration in the colour of the leather due mainly to exposure to the sun and artificial light, reduce exposure when possible.
  • To clean the leather surface of the Bag, you will find a wide range of suitable products for sale in specialised stores, as well as special wet wipes which are ideal for use while out. After purchasing the desired product, test it on a small area of the surface. We recommend applying it using a soft natural fibre cloth, preferably cotton.

The products belonging to the È CASA range, made of coloured glass, can be washed by hand using neutral washing up liquid, taking care to rinse thoroughly and dry the surface carefully, preferably with a soft microfiber cloth. For decorative products (like vases, lanterns, candles, etc.) you can use standard glass cleaners, as long as they are not abrasive. The glass products of the È CASA range are also dishwasher safe, using neutral detergents.