Unlike usual silver products, ARGENESI® items do not require regular polishing because they maintain their characteristic shine in time, thanks to the specific protective varnish applied during the production process.

Here are some tips for normal product maintenance, to keep the product at its best:

  • Clean the silver-plated surface with a cloth dampened with water only
  • DO NOT use silver cleaning products
  • DO NOT use chemical and/or abrasive products
  • DO NOT use them to hold oily or acidic liquids
  • DO NOT use them to hold hot food or drinks
  • DO NOT wash in the dishwasher
  • DO NOT soak the product in water

The product can be cleaned using a soft microfiber cloth to eliminate any dust from the surface. We recommend that you DO NOT use chemical or abrasive products to avoid ruining the surface of the item, whether it is coloured or silver-plated. Please pay particular attention to the front speakers during the movement and maintenance of the object, as they are not protected: when grasping the product, avoid placing the fingers directly on the front speakers as you risk crushing and damaging them irreparably.