Argenesi offers you the sampling service

Are you looking for a refined wedding favor for your wedding? Do you want to remember the day of your child’s baptism with an elegant gift? Are you looking for a prestigious gift for your most important clients? Argenesi offers a wide range of products to choose the right one for your needs.

To help you in this decision, Argenesi provides a sampling service that will allow you to evaluate the desired product before proceeding with the purchase of all the pieces you need!

The service is only available for certain product categories.

If the service is available for the item you have chosen, once it has been added to the cart, the option “You may be interested in…” will be displayed on the “cart” page, thus giving you the opportunity to add this option to the cart and confirm your purchase, using this service.

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For most couples who decide to take this step, the wedding day will become one of the most important moments in their life. This day will be shared with the loved ones among relatives and friends, therefore many decide to pay homage to them with a small gift that will have the function of remembering this happy event over time.

Argenesi creates numerous product lines that can be used as wedding favors, characterized by the unmistakable Made in Italy style that the company represents together with the elegance and refinement that a precious and noble material such as silver can represent.


As with marriage, the day of a child’s baptism is part of the special and joyful moments that a couple experiences throughout their life. The rite carried out on this particular occasion opens access to the other sacraments and is a fundamental part of the religious journey of every believer, therefore there are those who choose to remember it with their loved ones by giving them an object that is a symbol of this important event.

Argenesi, in addition to the objects dedicated to wedding favors, has created the Baby collection specifically intended for “the little ones”, giving these products a youthful, precious and refined touch, which will help keep the memory of this special day alive over time.


All companies exist thanks to their customers. The customer is an invaluable resource for the company because it is through him that all the efforts made for the creation and marketing of its products are realized.
There are companies that gratify their customers by giving them a symbolic object to thank them for their loyalty, to celebrate an important milestone reached together, or, more simply, to wish them happy holidays.

Argenesi offers its products of high quality, prestige and value to build loyalty in these business relationships, suitable for the most varied occurrences.


There are countless occasions where it is necessary to make prizes available to the “winners”, which can be represented by the classic cup or by other more or less prestigious objects. Whether it’s a golf competition, a car race or any other sporting event (or not), Argenesi products can be used for this purpose.

Thanks to the wide range of shapes, colors and sizes, it is possible to choose the most suitable prize in many circumstances, which can be used in its “natural” form or customized by the customer with an engraving on an aluminum disc glued to its surface (service not provided).